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SK Services is customized software and Inventory Management Solution Provider Company who manages the inventory by counting it through advance barcode technology such as barcode scanner. We provide customized software and stock auditing services to all the stock base companies and we provide stock management and inventory dispatch management software solution.

Who We Are?

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SK Services is fully software solution based company which provides Inventory management solution. The idea clicked when all of them face managing the stock and inventory management according to RACK & BIN. So both of software developer research for this serious problem. After then we found good solution for stock checking. This application is fully software based which generate variance Report Rack Bin Report and also provide invalid or invisible barcode Report by using barcode scanner which is highly reliable and easy to interface to system.

Our Amazing Works

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  • Inventory Management : It manage inward stock material along with dispatch material.
  • Physical Stock Count and Analysis : It count physical present stock count and analyses it and generate variance report in between system stock and physical count stock.

  • Store Mapping : It count physical stock according to rack bin for various different warehouse and different warehouse location.
  • Auditing : It auditing your stock and generate reports.
  • Warehouse Management : In this count stock and manage your scattered physical stock according to Rack and Bin structures.
  • Inventory and Dispatch Management Software : In this software you directly Import your stock list and update your current stock and Dispatch your material and stock according through scanning barcode using this software so your stock manage automatically and you generate different Reports.

  • We provide 3 Reports:

  • 1. Variance Report
    2. Rack Bin Report
    3. Invalid or Invisible barcode scanner Report

    Billing software: It provides billing utility when you complete your service against it generate invoice bill.
    Barcode Solution : In this it provide Barcode generate utility, In case if any product barcode is damage or invisible so using this utility you generate new barcode against to that product and you print Product code, Product Name,MRP etc.
    ◉ We provide customized software solution as per client requirement.

Specialization Solution

◉ We have Specialization in customize software development solution for integration barcode solution with Client Application.
◉ We developed customized software solution on various platform be it Commercial Application.
◉ Barcode in generation.
◉ Warehouse Management System.
◉ Dispatch management System.

We Serve to

◉ Automobile Sector.
◉ Garments Industries.
◉ Medical Sector.
◉ Big malls.
◉ Food Industries.
◉ Electronic industries.
◉ Manufacturing industries.

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